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Shark Boats & Dive Equipment

Learn about the advanced Shark Diving Boats and Dive Equipment used at California Shark Diving
AN image of our boat in action on a shark diving adventure in California.

Our Boats – Northern Bay 36

Our flagship diving boat is a 36′ Northern Bay Downeast built in 2001. Developed in Maine, the Northern Bay is a high quality custom boat that is developed for seaworthiness and comfort due to a wide and heavy design.

The Northern Bay has plenty of deck space and guest seating to comfortably fit up to six guests per shark expedition. The Northern Bay is built to handle the ever changing ocean conditions commonly found off of the coast of Southern California in absolute comfort. California Shark Diving’s Northern Bay 36 is fitted with updated safety equipment. This includes GPS, Radar, Marine Radio, EPIRB, Switlik Liferaft and all Coast Guard Required Equipment.

Shark Diving Cages

Our Shark Diving Cage is the latest in shark-proof safety diving equipment. Designed with the highest level strength, our cage also provides maximum functionality providing 360 degree views for up to two divers at a time. At 8 feet tall and over 4 feet wide, the California Shark Diving Cage allows our dive guests to be immersed in the water with sharks while being 100 percent protected from the sharks. Best of all, our cage floats on the surface just next to our boats, guaranteeing safe access to the ocean quickly and easily. Our shark cage is custom built for maximum protection for our guests.

An image of a diver in the shark cage on a shark diving trip with california shark diving.
An image of our dive guests with their dive gear in action on a California Shark Diving Adventure.

Shark Dive Gear

At California Shark Diving, we provide all the tools for a safe and memorable dive experience. For all of our trips off of Southern California, we provide the highest quality masks, snorkels and fins necessary for an effective time in the water. Since water temperatures in Southern California can be colder, we also provide wetsuits for our dive guests to help stay warm during your underwater encounter. We have all other gear necessary on your expedition but recommend that you bring personal effects such as towels, sunscreen and other items for your personal enjoyment of your time on the ocean with us.

If you have you own dive gear feel free to bring it aboard to use.

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