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California is home to one of the biggest shark populations in the world. Explore a list of the sharks you can expect to see on a trip with California Shark Diving.

An image of a blue shark in the wild on the surface of the ocean.


The nomads of the deep, Blue Sharks are known for their oceanic migrations. Growing over 10’ in length, these are big sharks that aren’t afraid to get closer to divers and the cage for a closer look. They are the main shark we see in California and are found year round.

See and dive with California’s profilic Blue Sharks.

AN image of a mako shark at the surface of the ocean hitting a bait


Get up close and personal with one of Claifornia’s most powerful shark species, the Mako!

Mako Sharks are another one of California’s main sharks and the coast of Southern California is one of the best places to see them in the world. Mako’s are the top predator in the open ocean and demand respect. They are the fastest of all sharks and are capable of extreme bursts of speed making them superior hunters. Seeing a Mako in the wild is one of the best encounters you can have in the open ocean.

An image of a smooth hammerhead on a california shark diving adventure.


See and dive with powerful hammerhead sharks off the coast of Southern California.

Smooth Hammerhead Sharks are a large species of Hammerhead found in California waters. These impressive sharks are fast and efficient predators that have no problem swimming right up to our guests and cages. These sharks are designed for the hunt and are one of the more excited sharks you can dive with.

AN image of a silky shark in the waters off of California on a California Shark Dive


Encounter silky sharks up close and personal on a California Shark adventure. Silky Sharks are an offshore species of shark that usually lives in water more then 100’ deep. They are a shark averaging between 3’ – 10’. These sharks are master hunters and spend most of their time following schools of tuna in the open ocean. Silky Sharks are great sharks to dive with as they have no fear of humans and get very close to our divers.

AN image of a powerful great white shark in the water off of California on a shark diving adventure.


Encounter the apex predator of the deep, the Great White Shark. Great White Sharks are the largest predatory sharks in the ocean. Growing over 20 feet and over 2 tons, these sharks are at the top of the oceans food chain. Great White Shark’s main food source are: seals, dolphin, small whales, tuna, and other sharks. California has one of the largest Great White Shark populations in the world. That being said we rarely see them on our trips.

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California Shark Divers will stop at nothing to make sure your day on the water with the sharks of California is safe and as enjoyable as possible. Whether your a professional diver or a novice with no experience we will make sure you have a great trip with us enjoying the sharks and ocean wildlife of California. Please look around our website for additional information on the trips we offer and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a trip.

No Certifications Necessary

Anyone can come dive with us here at California Shark Diving. You do not need any license or prior certifications to take part in an unforgettable shark diving adventure with us.

All Diving on Snorkel

All of our diving encounters take place on snorkel setup. You do not need experience with scuba diving equipment to enjoy an unbelievable shark diving adventure with us.

All Dive Equipment Provided

We provide all the gear that you need to take part in a shark dive in sizes medium through double extra-large. 

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