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California Shark Diving is a leading shark charter service that brings people from all over the world up close and personal with sharks native to California and the West Coast of America. California has one of the most thriving populations of pelagic shark species in the world. At California Shark Diving, our experts have perfected the process of safely bringing you and your guests face to face with the most impressive apex predators in the ocean. With over a decade diving with sharks around the world, our team has the skills and experience necessary to safely bring you into the natural home of a wide variety of sharks. Whether you wish to see sharks in action from the safety of our boat or you’re an experienced shark diver, California Shark Diving provides a first class experience on the ocean. Our California shark viewing and diving adventures occur in some of the best shark locations in the world for shark activity and favorable weather conditions. Give us a ring today and let us know how we can customize your next shark diving adventure.

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Captain Bryce Rohrer

Shark Guide and Captain Bryce Rohrer has been involved with professional shark diving for more than a decade. Along with pioneering shark diving tours in South Florida and the Florida Keys, Captain Bryce has been a leading resource in the North Eastern United States for cage shark diving and personalized shark excursions. With over 200 days a year on the water, Captain Bryce’s knowledge and experience with sharks of all shapes and sizes is second to none. From his knowledge on individual shark species and their behavior, to dive safety and meticulous planning for the perfect, successful shark excursion, Captain Bryce makes each and every shark diving trip a personalized success.

At California Shark Diving, our professional shark guides are passionate about meeting new people from around the globe and introducing them to the powerful shark species native to California and the West Coast of the United States. On your personalized shark excursion, Captain Bryce and his experienced team of open ocean professionals work hard to ensure that each and every guest leaves the shark tour safe and satisfied after a full day on the water. No matter if you are looking to get up close and personal with the apex predators of the ocean in a day of family adventure, or in need of a professional team to meet the needs of a major oceanic film production, the team at California Shark Diving has the rare combination of skill and experience to make any day on the water an unforgettable memory.

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