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California Shark Diving

California has one of the highest concentrations of sharks in the world, making it a top shark diving destination. California boasts a year round shark population so you can shark dive here 7 days a week, year round, 365 days a year.

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Shark Diving Adventures in Southern California

California Shark Diving specializes in getting people of all backgrounds and experience levels safely up close and personal with sharks. Whether you’re an expert photographer or a novice looking to see a sharks for the first time, we have the experience and equipment to make sure your day on the water with sharks will be successful. We offer two types of shark trips for our guests.

An image of a shark at the surface of the water.

Shark Diving Trips

Join us in the water off of Southern California for an eco-tourism adventure like you’ve never seen before!

An image of a shark on the surface of the ocean with California Shark Diving.

Shark Viewing Trips

Prefer to get in on the action without getting your hair wet? Our shark viewing trips make you a part of the adventure from the comfort of our boats. 

An image of a shark with a smile on its face with California Shark Diving...meet the sharks

Meet the Sharks

Explore some of the sharks that we get to see day to day on our adventures in the Pacific Ocean. 

Awesome Shark Adventures

The California Shark Diving Story

California Shark Diving will stop at nothing to make sure your day on the water with the sharks of California is enjoyable and as memorable as possible. Whether you’re a professional diver or a novice with no experience, we will make sure you have a great trip with us enjoying the sharks and ocean wildlife of California. Please look around our website for additional information on the trips we offer and please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information or to book a trip.


Shark Species




Shark Dives

An image of a california shark diving participant in a shark cage with california sharks

The California Shark Diving Experience

California Shark Diving Experience Step 1

Meet at the Dock

On the day of your adventure, meet us at the dock to meet our team and get comfortable for your big adventure in the Pacific Ocean. 

An image of step 2 in the California shark diving experience.

Prep from our Team

Get a detailed run-down of what you can expect on your excursion. Question and answer session addresses all information for your trip. 

An image of the California Shark Diving step 3, travel to the shark grounds.

Ride & Prepare

Enjoy the ride to our shark diving location on our comfortable boats and get suited up for your dive.

An image of step 4 of the California shark diving adventure.

Swim with Sharks

Get in the water with the sharks of California up close and personal and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the ocean. 

An image of a blue shark on a california shark diving adventure.
An image of the action on a California Shark Diving adventure.
California Shark Diver reaching out to touch a shark.
An image of a shark taking the bait on a california shark diving adventure.
Up close and personal with the sharks of california

Your Adventure

Shark Diving Trips

The most popular trip that we offer is our Shark Diving Trip where our guests have the option to go cage diving or freediving with the sharks of California. No experience or scuba certifications are needed, anybody can participate. We provide all the gear you will need along with iced drinks. Our shark diving trips cater to both professional divers and complete novices. No matter what your experience level or backgorund we will ake sure your adventure diving with sharks is successful. 

See sharks from the surface

Shark Viewing Trips

The second trip we offer is the Shark Viewing Trip. Shark Viewing trips are for people that want to spend the day and see sharks but choose to do so from the comfort of our boats instead of in the ocean on a cage or freedive. Watching sharks from the safety of the boat is a great option for those looking to stay dry, while still seeing exciting shark action. Both our shark diving and shark viewing trips take place at the same location and can easily be combined with both shark divers and shark viewers. 

An image of a mako shark on a shark viewing adventure.

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