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Premier Shark Diving

Our Shark Dive Trips

California has one of the highest populations of premier shark species anywhere in the world. California Shark Diving has perfected the game of bringing guests of all backgrounds and experience levels up close and personal with sharks. Our Shark Diving Trips are geared to get you safely in the water with some of the largest predatory shark in the ocean. All of our trips take place well beyond 3 miles from shore in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sharks we routinely see on our trips are: Blue, Mako, and Hammerhead Sharks. It is also possible to see Great White, 6 Gill, Thresher, and Leopard Sharks. If your looking to see sharks up close and personal on a world class level this is the trip for you. California’s waters are perfect for shark diving as the water visibility averages 40′-100′ with water temps from the high 70’s to mid-60’s depending on season. We stop at nothing to make sure you have a safe and successful day of shark diving.

Our Shark Dive trips are designed for both experienced shark divers and novices looking to see their first shark. No experience is needed and all gear is provided.

Trip Cost

$550 per person, Up to 6 Guests per Trip.

We have a $2000 minimum so if the total number of guests on the boat is 3 people or less you have the option of splitting the $2000 minimum among the 3 or 2 other guests on the trip.

Trip Times

9am – 4pm (Custom Timeframes Available)

Trip time is a total of 7 hours
We do stay out longer occasionally depending on marine activity and guest preferences.

Sharks Encountered

Mako, Blue, Hammerhead & Great White

Make Memories for a Lifetime

Join us on a California Shark Diving Excursion

Pacific Ocean Shark Diving

Join us as we encounter some of the apex predators in the Pacific Ocean.

Sharks seen daily

Your Cali Shark Adventure

California Shark Divers will stop at nothing to make sure your day on the water with the sharks of California is safe and as enjoyable as possible. Whether your a professional diver or a novice with no experience we will make sure you have a great trip with us enjoying the sharks and ocean wildlife of California. Please look around our website for additional information on the trips we offer and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to book a trip.

No Certifications Necessary

Anyone can come dive with us here at California Shark Diving. You do not need any license or prior certifications to take part in an unforgettable shark diving adventure with us.

All Diving on Snorkel

All of our diving encounters take place on snorkel setup. You do not need experience with scuba diving equipment to enjoy an unbelievable shark diving adventure with us.

All Dive Equipment Provided

We provide all the gear that you need to take part in a shark dive in sizes medium through double extra-large. 

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