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Get up close and personal with California's leading wild sharks. California Shark diving gets you in the water safely with shark species. Encounter Great White SHarks from the safety of our cage. Learn about sharks from Shark Expert Captain Bryce Rohrer. See Hammerhead sharks in their native habitat with California Shark Diving


The day of your planned shark dive or viewing excursion we will meet at the boat at 9am. From there you will introduced to the crew and giving a trip briefing before leaving for the shark grounds. The boat ride from the marina to our shark locations is one hour each way. During the trip to and from the shark grounds to the marina we often see a large array of wildlife including: multiple whale and dolphin species, seals, sportfish, ocean sunfish, to name a few. This is a good time to meet the crew and other guests and prepare for the dive. Both our shark diving and shark viewing trips are conducted in the same way, the only difference is some people get in the water and some don't.

Once we reach the shark diving grounds we turn the boat off and drift over shark prone locations. A chum slick is started and baits are positioned for the sharks around the boat. The wait time for sharks to show up in California waters averages between 5 minutes and three hours with an hour and a half being the norm. While waiting for the sharks we get everybody geared up and go over both shark freediving and shark cage protocols. Everyone will have plenty of time to ask questions and become familiar with the dive itself.

Once the sharks show up our freedivers and cage divers get in the water along with our professional shark dive guide and begin the dive. We aim to get sharks as close as possible to our guests for the best viewing and photographic opportunities while making sure safety is our number one priority. There is no limit to how much or many people can dive at a time. You are free to dive as much or as little as you need to. Throughout the dive we will work with our guests to get different types of shark shots and behaviors to be displayed. We will also explain and teach those on the boat that wish to learn more about these animals.

Once we've had a successful day of shark diving and shark viewing we will pick up the gear from the water and cruise back to the marina. We usually arrive back from our day of shark diving between 3pm and 4pm.

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